How to Prearrange a set of Gregorian Masses



      One of the most frequent requests that received at the Monastery is whether it is possible to pre-arrange a series of Gregorian Masses for oneself so as not to rely on family to do so after one passes away. 

After Death Gregorian Mass Card Prearranged Masses      Many faithful supporters and friends of Saint Bernardine Monastery request a series of Gregorian Masses through their estate plans.  A simple way to ensure that these Masses are offered is to include the Franciscan Friars, TOR, Saint Bernardine Monastery,  in your will with language somewhat like this:

      "I leave the Franciscan Friars, TOR, St. Bernardine Monastery, Province of the Immaculate Conception, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, EIN 236278932 , the sum of $300, or ___% of my estate, whichever is greater, for Gregorian Masses to be offered for the repose of my departed soul and in support of their Franciscan ministry and works of mercy."

      If you prefer to offer a stipend for the Masses now you may do so using this form.  We will ask for your name and address so we can mail you a card like the one pictured here, along with a letter, and request that you keep both the card and the letter with your personal belongings so when the time comes for the Masses to begin your next of kin will be able to find them and mail either the card or the letter back to our Monastery to inform the friars to commence these Masses. 

      If you have any questions please call our office at 1-866-695-3802. 

Please enter the deceased name.

Example: Mrs. Smith or Mom and Dad [We ask for shipping info later]


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